Roll Length Comparison Calculator
Use this convenient calculator to determine the percentage of increase in roll lengths. When using thinner caliper liners, the additional roll length can increase productivity. Plus, there is potential for additional savings when factoring in packaging and transportation costs.
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Roll Outside Diameter
Core Diameter
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% Increase In Roll Length

Common Line Calipers
Liner Width
.92 Gauge PET0.92 Mil
1 Mil PET1.02 Mil
1.2 Mil PET1.2 Mil
1.5 Mil PET1.42 Mil
40# BG2.25 Mil
40# SCK2.44 Mil
40# CK2.46 Mil
44# PK3.4 Mil
54# SCK3.19 Mil
78# CC4.6 Mil
88# MC5.6 Mil
92# PK7 Mil
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